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osso bucco

prep time: 20min

cooking time: 5-6hrs 

serving: 4



osso bucco -

4 pieces of osso bucco

punch salt & pepper

1 tbs garlic powder

1 tbs ground ginger

3 cups stock (i used bone broth)

1 cup white or red wine

1 tin chopped tomatoes

oil for cooking- olive or coconut


gremolata -

1/2 cup fresh mint

1 bunch (about a cup of chopped) parsley

6-10 anchovies (optional- you can just use a pinch of salt instead)

1 tbs olive oil

1/4 cup lemon juice

pinch pepper

for the gremolata- add all ingredients to a little food processor bowl if you have one or a mortar & pestle and blend to a paste consistency. you can add a dash more olive oil if it is too dry.



1. for the osso bucco - in a bowl add the garlic, ginger, salt & pepper & roll each osso bucco in this mix to coat like flour.


2. heat the coconut oil in your pan (or crockpot if you are using that to cook in) and brown the osso bucco on both sides then remove from pan.


3. add any remaining garlic & ginger from the ‘flouring’ to the pan and the white wine and increase the heat until the wine has reduced by half.


4. add the tomatoes & stock & bring to the boil.


5. you can now add all this with your osso bucco to your slow cooker (or just add your osso bucco back into your crockpot), pop it on low & forget about it for at least 5 hrs in a slow cooker (about 4 hrs in the oven in a crockpot at 120c), i left mine for about 8hrs while i was working.


6. once you are ready to eat you can remove the meat and set aside, pop all the sauces back in the pan & simmer to reduce & thicken the sauce if you like or just use it as it is.


7. top with a big dollop of gremolata and serve on potato or cauliflower mash.


recipe by wellness coach Shan Cooper from My Food Religion

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