we are certified organic

ever wished you could find
a farmer right here in the city?

want to know exactly where your food is from and how long it took to get to you? want to ensure your meat is certified organic, 100% grass-fed, fully traceable and free from insecticides/pesticides
/preservatives/antibiotics/growth promotants and other unnecessary nasties? want reassurance that the animals are treated ethically and humanely? want excellent quality meat that simply tastes amazing? you've found us!

sherwood rd organic meats has moved down the road from sherwood to rocklea! Same team and same wonderful farmers producing our certified organic beef, lamb (hogget & mutton), goat, pork, chicken and smallgoods. our family run business (dad adrian produces organic sheep & cattle on siwa, western queensland and daughter amy runs the shop) has a reputation for friendly service, knowledge of health networks (gaps, fodmap, keto, paleo, amines, whole30 to name a few), ethical animal & farming practises and delicious, fresh meats!

online ordering is available for bulk only – in-store only for smaller quantities.


our farmers


certified organic, 100% grass-fed lamb, hogget, mutton, goat and beef

our family (the tillers, owners of sherwood rd organic meats) produce beautiful tasting beef and lamb on the certified organic grass plains of western qld. our animals are: 100% grass fed & finished; antibiotic-free; chemical-free; hormone-free and growth promotant-free. they are treated humanely and calmly, with care and attention right through to the slaughtering process and our farming practices are environmentally friendly and sustainable. our produce travels direct and quickly to brisbane with minimal carbon footprint, then processed using no artificial additives or preservatives . we are certified with australia’s largest certification body – australian certified organics - the “bud” logo you can trust!

figtrees organic farms

certified organic, pasture-raised pork

glenn, henry and family/s run two properties for figtrees organic farms: wilton park at grafton in the NSW northern rivers; and billabong, near inverell. they produce certified organic, pasture-raised pork by raising happy, healthy pigs in a 100% natural free-range environment. their year round access to high quality organic pastures ensures optimum nutrition and enriched grass-fed flavour. they allow full opportunity for the animals to exhibit their natural behaviour: from cooling off in a therapeutic mud bath to sleeping lazily under the shade of a big yellow box gum or moreton bay fig tree. their organic certification is their pledge to customers that their pigs have never been treated with synthetic chemicals or antibiotics and the feed is grown on organic land that has respected natural mineral and water cycles.

bendele farm

certified organic, free-range chicken

a small family run business, fred and sarah stern produce the most amazing certified organic poultry on their beautiful farm on queensland’s sunshine coast hinterland. fred and sarah’s birds are hand processed, from the pens to the abattoir, so there’s no stress in travelling and this is evident in the tenderness of the poultry. free of hormones, steroids, antibiotics, growth promotants, synthetic methionine and beak clipping, we are so proud and lucky to have these wonderful farmers!

smoked on the premises

nitrate-free bacon, ham and other smallgoods smoked in-store

because we use only the most ethically produced, ‘clean’ meats, we treat our smallgoods with utmost respect and care. we do not use any preservatives, nitrates, colours or additives and cater to gluten-free, sugar-free, paleo and many other food networks and intolerances.