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certified organic meat butcher


Certified Organic Butcher Produces and Sells Meats “From Paddock to Plate”

Buy your small quantities directly from your organic butcher in Brisbane or place a bulk order online.


Free collection in-store or arrange delivery.


Speak to us or send us a message.

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What Sets Sherwood Rd Organic Meats Apart?

We are fully committed to the ethical treatment of animals. Our excellent quality meats are wholly traceable and do not contain any growth promotants, antibiotics, preservatives, pesticides, or insecticides.


  • Our vast range of cuts are ACO certified and produced on our family-owned farm and other local farmer around Queensland. Our animals receive the best of focused attention and care.

  • We see to it that our meat is free of chemicals and hormones. We utilise environmentally friendly processes to keep our carbon footprint small to provide our customers with healthy, ethical meat in Brisbane.

  • The “paddock to plate” grass-fed beef and lamb, and hand-processed chicken meat that we provide are certified organic and come from a completely natural, free-range setting.


Since our grass-fed, clean meat is free of nitrates, colouring, sugar, gluten, grains and other additives, it is suitable for those on Paleo and Keto diets. Clients who can’t tolerate synthetic chemicals and preservatives will also benefit.  Have a look at our delicious online recipes. How about rustling up some beef ribs with kimchi slaw, honey, orange & mustard glazed ham, or lamb ribs with a fennel and ruby grapefruit salad?

What You Should Know About Your Organic Meat Butcher

We are proudly certified by Australian Certified Organics and pay focused attention to how we present meats.


  • As we don’t just sell top-class meat but also produce it, we keep the well-being and happiness of our animals in mind at all times while also taking care of our environment.

  • Our other producers, including Bendele Farm, share our philosophy, so our customers can easily trace what we make available and from where their food comes.

  • Our clients are important to us, and we make sure that we can provide you with whatever you require by locating it if we do not have it available.


We even smoke our small goods, such as bacon and ham, on the premises to ensure that our fare is free of nitrate, gluten, and sugar to provide Keto and Paleo-friendly foodstuffs for consumers with intolerances.


Benefits of Choosing Our Services When You Need High Quality Organic Beef in Brisbane

We maintain a transparent business model to ensure our clients always fully understand what it is they buy, and what it is they will walk away with at the end of the day. From our certified organic grass-fed beef to our customer service, we have put together a list of benefits you will always experience when buying from us:


  • We offer an excellent range of meats sourced from our various farms. We produce certified organic, 100 percent grass-fed beef from our family-owned and operated farm in Siwa.

  • We will always provide you with excellent customer service. As a family-operated business, we understand the importance of maintaining good relationships and the difference that can come from friendliness and openness. When you step into our store, we are ready to help you with whatever you need. If you are uncertain which of our delicious meats to take home, we can make sure you leave with the right choice after a quick and easy discussion. If you have any other questions, we are always open to them to ensure you get the best customer experience.

  • We are transparent about where our meats come from and how they get to your plate. We take a true paddock to plate approach when it involves our wide selection of beef cuts. By playing the part of both the seller and the grass-fed beef butcher, we ensure that all our clients walk away with meat they can trust.


Whether you need a wide range of meats, customer service that goes above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction, or a true paddock-to-plate experience, we provide it all. Once you have had a taste of our meats, you will understand why our customers keep choosing us as their grass-fed beef suppliers.

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Key Questions to Ask Us When You Need Natural Grass Fed Beef or Other Organic Meats

Whenever you buy from an organic meat supplier, you should be asking the following questions to ensure you have the best experience available:

How can I be sure that you are indeed selling organic beef?
With us, you can be entirely sure. We go above and beyond to ensure you only get high-quality, certified organic products from us. We are an ACO (Australian Certified Organic) business, which means our products are officially recognised as organic for your peace of mind.

Can I order items from you online?
Even though we would love to have you in-store, the option for online orders is always available. We believe in making our services accessible to everyone who wants to experience delicious, certified organic meats. We also provide our clients with the option of buying in bulk online to ensure they have everything they need. If you enjoy the drive, you can always order online and come out to pick up your order when it is ready.


About the People at Sherwood Rd Organic Meats

Our family-owned business is run by father Adrian – who farms cattle and sheep on Siwa in western Queensland – and daughter Amy, who runs the store. We are serious about the ethical, sustainable, and environmental practices we adhere to, moving our produce from the farm to Brisbane swiftly to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible. Feel free to visit our store next to Market Organics in Rocklea or contact us to place your bulk online order.

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